Shopping Carts Contribute to Falls and Fatal Head Injuries in Children

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Nobody likes to think about the daily risks their children face. Unfortunately, your worst-case scenario has become a reality—and you’re wondering how such a terrible accident could have occurred. A falling injury can happen in many different ways, with any number of parties responsible—especially if that fall caused the loss of your child.

Children Suffer Head Injuries Due to Many Types of Falls

  • Stairways – Many injuries result from children falling down stairs, but studies have shown that a child’s head and extremities are most likely to be injured. Head injuries are also common in infants who fall while being carried by an adult.
  • Shopping carts and strollers – Roughly one in ten children who fall from strollers or shopping carts suffer skull fractures, with even more suffering intracranial bleeds.
  • Hospital falls – Children are at increased risk of fatal head injuries after hospital falls because they are more difficult to restrict to their hospital beds. In addition, children may be medicated for their original conditions and not understand that they have to be careful when moving to avoid fainting or dizziness.
  • Free falling – Falling from a great height is a significant danger for anyone, but children are more likely to attempt jumping from a roof, ladder, play structure, or open window.
  • Fatal falls – Any fall can be fatal to a child, but falls that take place from a height greater than five stories are likeliest to cause pediatric trauma deaths.

Parents should know that it is important to find out as much information as you can before filing a wrongful death case in Kentucky. Click the links on this page to find out more about what you should do after someone is injured in a serious fall, or contact us directly to further discuss your case.

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