Walking a Mile—Mentally—in a Kentucky Senior’s Orthopedic Shoes

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I’ve been thinking lately about mortality—or more accurately, pre-mortality. Okay, I’ve been thinking about what it will be like growing old.

I’ve decided to imagine myself as elderly. It’s time to—as the Cherokee saying goes—“walk a mile in his shoes.”  Come along with me….

Life Slows Down

I drive a bit slower. I know it may aggravate people behind me, but I can’t see as well or react as quickly as I used to, so I’m doing what makes sense, what is safe.

When I talk with people, I sometimes have a bit of trouble snagging just the right word or thought. Give me a second; I’m just as smart as I ever was, I’m just having trouble finding the information that I know is there.

Pain Is a Constant

This body has been through a lot throughout the years, and I feel pains in areas that have no business hurting. I’m not a hypochondriac; the pain is real. I’m proud, and I don’t want to show it, but sometimes it’s hard to put on a cheerful face when my knees or my hands are hurting.

I Have Lots of Experience

Maybe, in your high-energy life, you find this hard to believe, but I was once an active, go-getting individual. I could tell you stories…I’ve experienced history that you will only read about, or watch on TV; what I could tell you, though, is absolutely real, not fictionalized.

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