Multiple Accident Deaths Reported in Every Kentucky Highway District So Far This Year

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The year isn’t over yet. Unfortunately, there are likely to be many more fatal accidents in Kentucky during 2014. While we can’t predict where or when they will be, we can take a look at where people died during the first quarter of 2014. More specifically, we can look at the data released by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety concerning motor vehicle deaths from January 1, 2014, to April 7, 2014.

Here’s What We Know Today

During the first three months and one week of 2014, there were multiple deaths in each of Kentucky’s 12 highway districts.

  • Highway District 1 Paducah: 8 deaths including one motorcycle fatality.
  • Highway District 2 Madisonville: 13 deaths including one motorcycle fatality.
  • Highway District 3 Bowling Green: 14 deaths including one motorcycle fatality.
  • Highway District 4 Elizabethtown: 13 deaths.
  • Highway District 5 Louisville: 27 deaths including one motorcycle fatality
  • Highway District 6 Covington: 10 deaths.
  • Highway District 7 Lexington: 17 deaths.
  • Highway District 8 Somerset: 6 deaths.
  • Highway District 9 Flemingsburg: 8 deaths.
  • Highway District 10 Jackson: 5 deaths including one motorcycle fatality.
  • Highway District 11 Manchester: 7 deaths.
  • Highway District 12 Pikeville: 12 deaths.

Two additional deaths were reported, but the highway district wasn’t provided as of this writing.

Here’s Why We’re Worried About Tomorrow

If this year follows the trends of years past, then we have not yet experienced the majority of fatal accidents that will occur in our state this year. More lives will be cut short and more families will be left to face their futures without their loved ones.

Please pledge to do your part to help prevent fatal crashes. Leave a comment on this blog post and let us know what you will do to help make our streets safer and prevent tragedy.