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Study Shows the Dangers of Speeding for Teenage Drivers

Losing a child is the worst thing a parent can imagine. Unfortunately, high speeds and inexperience make teenagers especially likely to suffer severe or fatal car accident injuries. If your child has been hurt or killed in a crash, we encourage you to contact an…

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How to Help Children Who Have Lost a Loved One in a Fatal Car Crash

Everyone grieves after the loss of a loved one in a car crash. However, the grief that children—especially young children of the deceased—experience is different from the grief experienced by spouses, parents, and other adults. Accordingly, if you love a child who has experienced this…

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How to Hold Everyone Responsible for Your Loved One’s Death in a Drunk Driving Accident Accountable

The driver who was drunk when he killed your loved one is responsible for your loved one’s death. He wasn’t tricked into drinking, and there is no reason to believe that he didn’t understand the potential consequences of drinking and driving. He should be held…

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What to Do Now If a Holiday Car Crash Killed Your Loved One

This isn’t supposed to be how the new year starts. Just a few weeks ago, you were planning for Christmas. When you thought about January, you anticipated having the joyous family memories of the holiday season to guide you through this season of resolutions and…

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National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2014: What You Should Know

Yesterday was Christmas Day. It was a day of celebration for many, but it was also a day of grief for some. The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for families who have lost loved ones to drunk, drugged, or distracted drivers. That is…

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Why the “Why” Is Important in the Fight Against Distracted Driving

Texting and driving can result in a fatal accident, but you, like most American drivers, probably already knew that. However, what you may not yet know is that education and awareness campaigns may not be enough to prevent people from texting and driving. They might…

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