Which Lawsuit Do You File When a Relative Dies on Life Support in KY?

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After a relative dies in a Louisville hospital, family members will often wonder how to get justice for having a loved one taken away. While there are a number of actions you can take, it is important to carefully consider the facts of your case to see if your suit falls under:

  • Personal injury – Many family members will pursue legal action while their relative is still in a coma or on life support. The problem with this is that if their case is successful, they may have trouble pursuing further claims if their loved one does not recover.
  • Medical malpractice – It may complicate your lawsuit if health care professionals contributed to your loved one’s condition. For example, a routine procedure may have resulted in an accidental overdose of anesthesia, depriving your loved one’s brain of oxygen and placing him in a vegetative state.
  • Wrongful death – A wrongful death case in Louisville is meant to compensate a victim’s family members for future monetary loss, including loss of annual salary, savings, and potential career. Even if their relative’s condition will likely never improve, family members whose loved ones remain on life support cannot sue for wrongful death.

The important thing to remember is that you can only pursue one action after a loved one’s death. No matter what the outcome, you will be unable to seek further compensation. Therefore, is vital that you seek the advice of an experienced Louisville wrongful death attorney if someone in your family died on life support at Jewish Hospital in KY.

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