Why was Walgreens Pharmacy Sued for Seizure Medication Prescription Error?

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The lawsuit against Walgreens pharmacy was filed by a woman who was given the wrong prescription drug medication that nearly killed her. According to medical investigations, a Walgreens pharmacist was found to have made a major pharmacy error when the customer’s prescription medication for seizures was mislabeled. The medication mistake caused the patient to become very ill and nearly cost her her life. The pharmacy’s mistake was discovered only after she sought medical treatment for the illness that a nurse saw the mislabeled medication bottle and reported the prescription error that nearly resulted in the person’s wrongful death.

The prescription drug was mislabeled to read that each pill contained 25 milligrams of Lamictal when, in fact, each pill in the bottle contained 100 milligrams of the drug.
According to the USFDA, the most common medication errors are due to incorrect drugs, mistake in administration of drugs, and wrong doses or dosage errors. According to the Institute of Medicine, injuries from medication errors total about 1.5 million every year, not to mention that at least 7,000 deaths occur annually.

Walgreens pharmacy company apologized for its pharmacy’s prescription drug mistake. A spokesperson for Walgreens also stated that the pharmacy chain takes pharmacy safety seriously and are continually working to improve its quality, accuracy, and service of pharmacy orders in order to prevent pharmacy error injury or wrongful death.

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