Kentucky Woman Hurt in I-65 Truck Crash Suffers Brain Injury

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Our client was coming home to Kentucky on I-65 North after dropping her son off at college. Her other son was in the car with her. As they were driving, it began to snow. Our client’s vehicle crested a hill and slowed down, as had the vehicles in front of her.

Unfortunately, a semi-truck that was traveling behind her did not slow down and the truck ran over her car, crushing it, and causing her significant injuries. The son who was traveling with her was spared serious injury. He heroically pulled his mother from the car, but the weight of the truck on her vehicle had already caused her to suffer a permanent brain injury, a crushed leg and a significant foot injury.

Through our investigation we found that the trucker did not only fail to slow down during the winter weather conditions, but he was exceeding the posted speed limit. Additionally, we found that he did not have his radio alert on at the time of the accident, that the load in the back of his truck was not appropriately calculated so as to give him an accurate braking distance, that the necessary maintenance on his truck had not been performed, and that he was not paying attention at the time of the crash.

Our client was in her mid-40s at the time of this truck accident. She was a school teacher who was unable to return to work. She was wheelchair bound for more than two years and now walks with the assistance of a walker. We were able to recover the insurance policy limit for her to help aid in her recovery.

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