Can I hold my doctor liable for writing an illegible prescription that led to a pharmacist giving me the wrong medication?

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You may be able to hold a doctor liable if you were given the wrong medication by a pharmacist because of the doctor’s illegible handwriting. This type of prescription error may lead to compensation if you were seriously injured. Contact a Louisville medication error lawyer to learn what your rights are.

Doctors who handwrite prescriptions are notorious for poor handwriting. Whether it is the result of being rushed or the constant writing of prescriptions, this type of prescription error is usually preventable. 

Illegible handwriting can lead to the patient being given the wrong medication. This can prove to be a devastating consequence, leading someone to face serious or life-threatening injuries. 

Even though the doctor can be found liable if the patient is given the wrong medication due to illegible handwriting, the pharmacist also may be found liable. When a pharmacist fails to practice due diligence, his or her actions or lack of action may contribute to the patient being given the wrong medication. 

Pharmacists have a duty to verify prescriptions if the directions, dosage or the name of the drug isn’t clear. A failure to do so could lead to both medical professionals being held liable for your injuries.

The best way to learn what your rights are and who may be responsible for a prescription error that leads to serious, life-threatening or fatal injuries is to speak immediately with a Louisville medication error lawyer. Don’t delay in seeking legal counsel because the statute of limitations may impact the amount of time you have to file a claim.

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