Is it a waste of time to negotiate with the insurance company after a car crash?

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Insurance companies typically want to settle car accident claims for as little as possible. However, negotiating a potential car accident settlement with an insurance company is not a waste of time if you do it right. Insurance companies can be persuaded to provide fair accident recoveries out of court.

Let a Skilled Car Accident Attorney Negotiate For You

The insurance adjuster assigned to your case is likely directed by his employer to settle your claim for as little as possible and to do so as quickly as possible. Insurance companies like fast settlements because a quick resolution of your claim removes financial uncertainty from the company and because you may be willing to settle for less money if the settlement comes quickly.

An insurance adjuster who is not negotiating with you, therefore, likely does not have enough documentation to support your settlement demand or thinks that he can get you to settle for less.

An experienced Louisville car accident lawyer can make sure that all of the necessary convincing evidence is provided to the insurance adjuster. This includes, but is not limited to, medical bills, evidence of lost income, pictures from the accident scene, the police report, and other documentation.

Additionally, when you hire an experienced car accident lawyer to represent you, you are sending the message that you are not afraid to go to trial. You let the insurance company know that you know what your claim is worth and that you will fight to get the fair damages you deserve.

Let a Car Accident Lawyer Handle Negotiations From Day One

You can avoid potentially costly mistakes—including going to trial when it is unnecessary to do so—by hiring an attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

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