How can IV pumps cause medication errors and result in a Kentucky medication error claim?

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IV pumps are just one way a medication error can occur. Medication errors can be very serious and even deadly. When you have suffered this type of medical negligence, you may be able to pursue compensation through a Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

A Louisville medical malpractice attorney will investigate your case to determine if you are a victim of medical negligence. An attorney will also assist you with the paperwork and process of filing your Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

An IV pump handles the medication that is being administered to a patient.  If something goes wrong, it can lead to a serious medication error.

Sometimes the failure of an IV pump is due to defective equipment. In this case you may be able to hold the manufacturing company liable for your injuries. 

However in other cases an IV pump may fail because of human error. This may lead you to file a Kentucky medical malpractice claim against the doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional who was negligent.

Medication errors with an IV pump can result in being given the wrong medication, too much medication or too little. This can lead to serious injuries and complications. It may even result in a permanent disability.

If you have been given the wrong medication or suffered from any other type of medication error, you should speak with a Louisville medical malpractice attorney today. An attorney who specializes in medical malpractice can determine if your injuries were the result of medical negligence and medication errors. 

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