How can medical professionals prevent medication errors?

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There are a number of ways that a medication error in Louisville can be prevented, like through verification and checking label packaging. Medical professionals who act in a negligent manner and cause injury to a patient could be held liable. Speak to a Kentucky medical error lawyer for help with your case.

4 Ways Medication Errors in Louisville Can be Avoided

Medication errors occur more frequently than they should but by taking careful steps, mistakes by medical professionals can be avoided.

First, verification of the patient’s information by checking:  

  • name;
  • age;
  • weight;
  • medical history;
  • lab results;
  • allergies; and
  • other vital information that will determine the right type and amount of medication. 

Second, communication breakdown can be avoided by verifying drug information between other medical professionals along with the patient. Taking extra time to make sure the correct type and proper dosage of medication is being prescribed, dispensed and administered can help.

Third, checking labels and packaging on medication should be done scrupulously. With so many drugs sounding or looking the same, confusion can happen. Ensuring the labeling and packaging is correct prevents many mistakes from happening.

Finally, medical professionals can make sure the patient is thoroughly educated regarding the medication they are taking including:  

  • explaining potential adverse reactions;
  • going over interactions that can occur with medicines or foods; and
  • reviewing any other information the patient wishes so that they feel comfortable that an error won’t occur. 

When a medication error in Louisville has caused serious injuries, then compensation could be available. To learn what your rights are, you should speak immediately with a Kentucky medical error lawyer. They have the ability to carefully evaluate your case to determine what legal options may be available. 

Contacting a Kentucky Medical Error Lawyer

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