Is it possible that my Kentucky doctor missed the signs of a stroke?

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It’s quite possible. While there are a few telltale signs of a stroke, many of the symptoms are not remarkable and may be easily overlooked, such as dizziness, a headache, or even a simple upset stomach.

Not only is it likely that your stroke could have been misdiagnosed in Louisville, it is more likely that you will suffer permanent effects if it was. This is because the recovery rate of stroke victims is directly influenced by the speed at which they receive treatment. 

A clot in your head will cut off blood flow to the brain, essentially suffocating your brain cells and causing them to die. The sooner your stroke is discovered, the faster you can receive medication that will break down the clot and restore lost oxygen to the brain. If your stroke is allowed to progress without treatment, you could suffer permanent injury or even death as a result.

Most medical malpractice claims for stroke misdiagnosis include some fault on behalf of the doctor. Many will allege that the stroke could have been prevented if the doctor had identified the symptoms earlier. In some cases, patients may claim that the stroke was occurring at the time of care, but was not diagnosed by the physician. 

If your doctor dismissed the symptoms of your stroke or did not provide a timely diagnosis, our Louisville brain injury attorneys can help you get compensation for your injuries and justice for your family. Call Gray and White today at (800) 634-8767 to begin your FREE case evaluation. The call is free, and we charge you nothing unless we win your case.