My elderly mother/father caught the flu at his/her nursing home and became gravely ill. Are nursing homes in Kentucky required to vaccinate their residents to prevent these kinds of infections from spreading?

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According to Kentucky nursing home law, yes, they must comply with vaccination schedules in order to prevent the flue or other infections from spreading. If your elderly mother or father caught the flu at their nursing home and became gravely ill, you may wonder if nursing homes in Kentucky are adhering to the rules that they must vaccinate their residents.

Any facility that cares for the elderly are required to immunize their residents against influenza and pneumococcal disease. In order to do this, there are steps that must be followed.

Kentucky nursing home law states that the facility must tell the resident of this requirement to receive a vaccination. A request must then be made for the resident to agree to it.

The facility should also access the resident’s records, in order to determine if they have already received the vaccination.

If the resident has not had these shots and requires it, then the facility has a duty to discuss with them:  

  • the reasons for needing it (they may cite recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention);
  • side effects; and
  • any other pertinent information. 

It is then up to the facility to arrange for the vaccination to be given. There may be medical reasons that don’t allow for this, but in most cases all residents should receive it.

Nursing homes in Kentucky should also keep accurate and up-to-date records on the immunizations that residents have received. Additionally, their employees are also required to receive the flu vaccination.

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