My father, who had Alzheimer’s, recently died while in nursing home care. He was under sedation and unresponsive most of the times I visited. Is the nursing home liable for his death?

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It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that the nursing home staff played a part in your father’s death. According to recent studies, elderly residents in nursing facilities who have Alzheimer’s have a higher mortality rate than those who do not and a poor standard of care for dementia patients may be to blame.


Many seniors with Alzheimer’s require around-the-clock care, something their children cannot provide. When it becomes clear they cannot live on their own, these seniors are sent to live in nursing homes and the families are often given the false understanding that their relative will receive proper treatment.


But while many homes provide food, shelter and medical care for their residents, they are simply not prepared to handle patients with dementia. Doctors have recommended many therapies for dementia patients, including “memory care” programs that help patients remember daily tasks and allow them to thrive. Such programs are highly beneficial, but are also expensive to implement and require hospitals to hire more staff members.


Instead, many nursing homes choose to ignore the special needs of dementia patients. Some choose to simply sedate or drug seniors with Alzheimer’s rather than encourage cognitive skills. Some even strap them to their beds to stop them from wandering. Such practices are directly linked to rapid mental deterioration, usually leading to premature death.


If someone you love died under nursing home care, it is vital that you have the death investigated as soon as possible. 

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