My husband died after surgery in Louisville. How can I know if his death was caused by a surgical mistake?

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After the loss of a loved one, you will likely want to know everything that happened during his procedure to be sure that his death could not have been prevented. In a medical malpractice wrongful death case, your attorney must help you prove causation—that the events that happened were directly caused by action or inaction on the part of the surgical team.

In order to prove a wrongful death case legally, you must establish:

  • Duty. It must be understood that the medical professional who caused the injury had a duty to act or refrain from acting in a way that could result in the patient’s death. 
  • Breach of Duty. A breach of duty is acting against the acceptable standard of care. Each person involved may have a different standard of care (such as doctors, nurses, and surgical assistants), depending on which party contributed to the error.
  • Causation. In order to win your case, your attorney must prove that the negligent act directly caused your loved one’s wrongful death. This may be especially difficult to prove if several acts or several different parties contributed to the death.

If someone you love died after surgery at Nortons Hospital in KY, you should know that it will take an extensive amount of investigation to prove liability. Your attorney will have to call witnesses, take statements, and get copies of all hospital records—and everything must be done as quickly as possible to ensure that no evidence is lost or destroyed. 

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