My sister suffered a traumatic brain injury during a carjacking in Kentucky and she is still unconscious. How much function should she recover, and will she be vulnerable to any other problems because of her injury?

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Recovery after a traumatic brain injury is gradual. It could take weeks, months, or even years. Several factors contribute to the length of time recovery will take, including:

  • the severity of her injury;
  • how much function was lost, and to what degree; and
  • how much she’s willing to put into her recovery—the brain may be damaged, but your sister’s drive to overcome her disability will go a long way toward helping her recover.

As the swelling of her brain goes down, the flow of blood to your sister’s brain will improve and likely with it, her brain function. As this occurs, her eyes will open and she may eventually talk.

For a while thereafter, she’ll be disoriented and confused. She may become agitated and frustrated—even violent—during this time because she will be unable to concentrate and learn. There will probably be good days and bad days. On the good days, she will show progress; on the bad days, she will seem to lose ground. Just keep in mind that progress may be jerky, but it will be steady.

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