My wife is in a coma in a Louisville hospital. The doctor has told us that she is unlikely to regain consciousness, and we should consider taking her off life support. What should we do?

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One of the hardest decisions a person will ever make is when and if to take a loved one off of life support. Many family members are comforted by the doctor’s medical opinion that the relative is unlikely to recover, and that removal of life support would give the family closure and the victim final peace.

In most cases, the family is so overwhelmed and distraught that they rarely think to question the doctor’s motives. But the doctor may not be thinking about what’s best for your family; he may be considering what’s best for the hospital.

If your relative is in a coma, unresponsive, or in a persistent vegetative state because of a mistake that happened in surgery, the hospital would be vulnerable to a considerable amount of damages to you and your family. Unlike most other states, there is no medical malpractice cap in Kentucky, making the amount you and your family could receive in a negligence case virtually limitless.

Hospitals are motivated by whatever will benefit them financially. If they are able to hide mistakes from family members, they reduce their risk of paying millions in lawsuits. This is why you should seek legal advice if someone you love died on life support at Jewish Hospital in KY.

Am experienced Louisville wrongful death attorney can investigate the details of your loved one’s death, calling witnesses, taking statements, and obtaining all hospital records to determine who was at fault for your relative’s death. Call Gray & White today at 888-450-4456. Our experienced Kentucky wrongful death attorneys offer a FREE legal consultation – and we charge you nothing unless we win your case.