What are “high alert” medications and how do they relate to a potential Kentucky wrong medication claim?

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“High alert” medication pertains to drugs with a higher risk of causing serious injuries if they are misused. This could complicate your Kentucky medical malpractice claim, so it’s important to speak with a qualified Louisville medical malpractice attorney about your unique case.

The majority of medications available on the market today are safe. However there are some medications that if misused, could result in devastating consequences.

Medication errors with high alert medications can occur as with any other medication, but the consequences may be much more damaging and significant, which is why extreme caution should be exercised.

High alert medications are required to be handled differently than other types of medication such as in the packaging, labeling, storing, prescribing and administering.

Because these are special types of medications, if you are injured because you were given the wrong medication it could lead to not only severe consequences but also may affect your Kentucky medical malpractice claim.

If a doctor or other healthcare professional incorrectly prescribes or administers a high alert medication resulting in injuries, they may be held liable. Similarly, if you were not forewarned of the risks involved in taking this type of medication, it may be a form of medical negligence.

A Louisville medical malpractice attorney can investigate the details of your case to determine if you played any role in your injuries or if you were the victim of a medication error.

Consulting with a Louisville medical malpractice attorney is the best way to determine what legal options are available and if you have a valid Kentucky medical malpractice claim worth pursuing.

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