What are some common medication errors that might happen in Louisville, Kentucky?

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There are many common medication errors that could give grounds for a medication error malpractice claim. If you have been harmed, be sure to consult aLouisville,Kentucky medication error malpractice attorney to asses your case to see if you have a viable claim and what parties may be held accountable. 

Prescription Errors 

Prescription errors are the most common form of medication error. A prescription error is when a physician prescribes the wrong dose or wrong drug or combines incompatible medications. The main reasons behind these medication errors are inattention, bad handwriting, or placing a decimal point in the incorrect place. Those at the greatest risk of injury from this type of medication error are children and the elderly. 

Pharmacy Errors 

A pharmacy can make mistakes by packaging or labeling drugs incorrectly. The pharmacist may also misread the doctor’s prescription, which leads to giving a patient the wrong medication, or dosage. 

4 Specific Errors Physicians and Pharmacists Make 

Physicians and pharmacists make mistakes. Some specific medication errors physicians and pharmacies make include the following: 

  • confusing 2 medications that have a similar name;
  • combining medications with the same potential side effects, which makes the likelihood of experiencing side effects higher;
  • combining 2 or more medications with similar properties, which can lead to overdose; and
  • when a physician does not change medication dosage when a patient loses kidney or liver functioning.


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