What types of medication errors may occur with mail order prescriptions?

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Many people are turning to mail order prescriptions in an effort to save money on medication or to make obtaining medication more convenient. Unfortunately, medication errors may occur when ordering medicine through the mail. These medication errors can be dangerous or even deadly, and if you experience a problem due to an error with a mail order prescription, it is important to contact a medication error lawyer in Louisville. 

The most common types of errors that may occur can be broadly divided into three categories: errors with the prescription, errors with dispensing the medication, and errors in delivering or sending the medication. 

Errors with prescriptions may occur if a doctor does not write or call in the prescription correctly or if the mail order pharmacy filling the prescription does not read the prescription properly. This may result in sending the incorrect medication or an incorrect dosage. 

Another potential problem with the prescription relates to drug interactions. A physician may not be aware of other pills the patient is taking and may prescribe something that reacts badly with the other medications. A mail order pharmacy might not catch the error and the patient may suffer an adverse reaction. 

Errors with the dispensation of the medication may also result in a patient getting the wrong dose or the wrong medication. The patient might receive medication intended for someone else entirely, might receive the wrong pills or medications, or might receive an incorrect amount of medication in each pill. 

Finally, if medications must be kept at certain temperatures or consumed within a certain period of time, this may create risks with mail order pharmacies and mail order medications related to delivery of the product to the patient. 

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