When I left my Louisville pharmacy after refilling a prescription, I checked the medication. It looked different than last month’s pills, so I went back and asked the pharmacist about it. The name of the pill I received is similar to the one I have been taking, but it is used to treat a completely different condition. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I feel as though I have an obligation to report this event so that other people aren’t harmed by the same mistake. What should I do?

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You’re right: you really must report the error. If it happened to you, it may happen to someone else, and he or she might not catch the error in time to prevent serious health consequences.

Here is what to do:

  1. Go online to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) website
  2. Select “Report errors.”
  3. Describe the incident, including information such as the following:
    1. whether the error was made by the pharmacy or the provider, if you can determine this;
    2. name and address of the pharmacy;
    3. type of business or practice in which the pharmacy is located;
    4. generic and brand names of the medication;
    5. dosage method (pill, ointment, etc.);
    6. how you discovered the mistake; and
    7. suggestions you have for preventing this mistake from recurring.
  4. Upload pictures of the medication and the pharmacy, if you have any.
  5. Include your email address (the ISMP may need to contact you); including your name is optional.
  6. Select “Submit” to send the report.

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