When is the right time to call a lawyer if I’ve lost a relative in a fatal boat accident?

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There is no one magic moment when you need to contact a lawyer if your loved one has died on Lake Barkley, Barren River Lake, or another body of water in Kentucky. However, there are some guidelines you should consider if you are thinking about calling a lawyer to talk about a possible wrongful death case.

What to Think About

First, we encourage you not to think too hard about this decision. You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting a wrongful death lawyer after a fatal boat accident. Most attorneys will answer your questions and provide you with a free initial consultation.

However, you potentially have a lot to lose if you wait too long to call a lawyer. In many cases, the time for filing a wrongful death case is just one year from the day your loved one died. If you contact a lawyer after the statute of limitation has expired, then there may not be anything that a lawyer can do to help you.

Accordingly, we encourage you not to wait too long to make the call, but to make the call when you are ready. You do not have to do it the day your loved one dies or before the funeral. You can do it when the time feels right for you as long as you don’t wait so long that the law bars your recovery.

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