Why are elderly people at risk of medication errors in Louisville?

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There are a number of reasons why senior citizens suffer harmful medication mistakes. Unfortunately, elderly people are not only more likely to suffer these medication errors, they are also more likely to suffer permanent injuries as a result—putting them at lethal risk every time they visit a pharmacy.

Here are just a few causes behind the epidemic of elderly medication errors in KY:

  • Prescription volume. Senior citizens make up less than 25% of the country’s population, but they take roughly half of all prescription medications. A person who takes twelve daily medications is naturally more likely to suffer a medication mix-up than someone who takes only one.
  • Failing senses. Due to failing eyesight or impaired hearing, an elderly customer may misread or mishear his dosage instructions—and if they have questions, they may be reluctant or unable to spend extra time standing at the counter.
  • Pharmacy staff. Pharmacies are busy places, and staff members are often dismissive when patients ask more than one question. Your relative could have caught a medication mistake only to be told by a distracted technician that he was incorrect, forcing him to take a medication he knows is not his own.

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