What is the point of contacting a wrongful death lawyer after a child dies in a Louisville pedestrian accident?

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You child contributed a lot to your family. You marveled at every milestone and enjoyed his laughter and love. His loss is keenly felt by you and others who loved him. However, the loss is not a financial one. You never expected your child to contribute to the family’s finances and your household income has not changed since his death. His medical costs may have been covered by insurance and his funeral costs by your community.

Why Then Should You Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

There are still reasons to call a wrongful death attorney after the loss of a child on 2nd Street, Market Street, or another Louisville road. Specifically, pursuing legal action after the death of your child can:

  • Hold the driver who killed your child accountable for his or her actions.
  • Help you have the money to honor your child’s memory with a scholarship or other memorial.
  • Help you and your family get through this difficult time by taking action.

Despite these potential benefits of a wrongful death case, you do not need to make a decision right now.

Learn More First

You should never feel pressured to take certain actions after a Louisville driver crashes and takes the life of your child. Instead, we encourage you to learn more about your rights by reading our free report, Critical Information to Know Before Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky, and by contacting us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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