Vitamins and Pet Medications Can Lead to a Kentucky Child’s Drug Injury

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As a parent, you have no doubt been terrified by news stories involving children and prescription medication mistakes. These tales are often in the headlines and usually involve a pharmacist dispensing the wrong medication or calculating an improper dosage—but there are other ways children can suffer pediatric medication mistakes in Louisville.

Consider these three opportunities for children to consume too much medicine at home:

  1. Vitamin overdoses. It’s not just prescription medications that cause children to suffer drug overdoses in KY. Children are at special risk of eating too many vitamins—especially chewable tablets—because most vitamins are not sold with child-safety caps. An overdose of multivitamins, including those that contain vitamin A, vitamin D, or iron, can cause stomach pains, vomiting, and more serious side effects. 
  2. Pet prescriptions. Veterinarians can hand out medications just like any other doctor—complete with printed prescription labels that make the bottles look a lot like humans’ medications. There have been a number of mix-ups between pets’ and children’s medications, especially when all prescriptions were stored in the same place. 
  3. “Tasty” medicines. Many parents have to fight with their children to get them to take a dose of medicine. As a result, pharmaceutical companies began making child medicines taste good—but this can easily cause an overdose if the child sees the medication as candy. Syrups that need to be refrigerated or chewable tablets kept on low shelves are within easy access of a child.

Many parents assume that since their child’s medication error took place at home, they have no one to blame for the mistake. At Gray and White, we know that it is important to seek the advice of a trusted Louisville prescription drug attorney no matter where your child sustained his injury—especially since you will not pay any fees unless we win your case.

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