How to Understand What Killed Your Loved One If You’re Not a Doctor

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Your instinct is telling you that something went wrong and that your loved one did not have to die during or after surgery at Norton Hospital. Yet, you are not a doctor. You don’t yet have the knowledge or the exact words necessary to explain how the hospital, surgeon, nurse, or doctor was negligent and how that negligence killed your loved one.

That Doesn’t Mean That You Have to Ignore Your Instinct

Sometimes your gut reaction is the right one. However, you can’t expect that the doctors or Norton Hospital staff who were involved in your loved one’s care are going to simply tell you that they made a mistake. They have too much at stake. Instead, you are going to have to get to the truth of what happened by investigating. You can, for example:

  • Talk to your friends. You may understand more than you think, and your friends may help you understand what you don’t already know.
  • Do some reading and research. Use the Internet or the library to do your own research. You may not understand all of the terms, and that’s okay, but you might gain a better understanding of what should have happened during or after your loved one’s surgery.
  • Contact a lawyer for help. Your lawyer can explain your legal rights to you and find the medical experts that are needed to give you the definitive information that you need to pursue a claim. If your loved one was killed by hospital or medical negligence then you will get the information necessary to understand exactly what happened and why it happened.

Together, you and your team can get to the truth of what happened to your loved one.

Then You Can Decide What to Do Next

If you and your lawyer believe that medical malpractice killed your loved one during, or after a Norton Hospital surgery, then you can discuss your legal rights and make an informed decision about how to protect them. For more information, please watch our free videos and email us directly to schedule a consultation.

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