Filing a Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case Doesn’t Make You a Bad Guy

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What You Risk If You Don’t File a Wrongful Death Case

You are going to hear bad things. Someone at work is going to think you are selfish or greedy for filing a wrongful death case while you are grieving. Someone at church may think you are being unkind to the esteemed doctors at Norton Hospital or University Hospital who were treating your loved one. A neighbor may think that you are in denial about what a lawsuit might accomplish and remind you that litigation won’t bring back your loved one.

Don’t Listen

You are not filing a wrongful death case because you are selfish, greedy, unkind, or in denial. Instead, you have valid reasons for considering a case. The doctor who was treating your loved one, or the hospital that was providing care to your loved one, failed to act reasonably. As a result, your loved one died.

Kentucky law allows the estate of someone who was killed by medical malpractice to recover damages in a wrongful death case. However, you are not suing just because you can. Instead, you are suing because:

  • There are outstanding medical bills or funeral costs that need to be paid.
  • There are outstanding out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your family is suffering from the loss of your loved one’s income.
  • Your loved one’s pain and your suffering deserve compensation.

Remember, you are not pursuing a recovery because a doctor or a hospital made a mistake. You are pursuing a recovery because a doctor or hospital was negligent. Doctors and hospitals are not above the law and if they breach their duty of care in such a way that takes the life of a patient then they deserve to be held accountable.

Don’t Try to Handle This Alone

You can be confident that a doctor or hospital accused of medical negligence resulting in a wrongful death is going to be represented by an attorney. That attorney is going to vigorously defend the doctor or hospital, but that doesn’t mean that the attorney will be successful.

You have the same right to hire an experienced and successful lawyer who will fight hard for you. Please browse our success stories to learn more about how we’ve helped other families after medical malpractice wrongful death and please contact us today if you want to learn more about your rights.