Your Guide to Armored Truck Accidents, Injuries, and Compensation

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armored truck parked in front of building Gray & White LawBanks, jewelry stores, and other businesses and government entities that need to move large amounts of money or valuable merchandise often use armored trucks. Armored vehicles are built to be theft-resistant. They often have bulletproof glass and reinforced metal that can withstand an armed attack.

Armored Truck Accidents and Injuries

An armored truck accident can happen in any of the typical ways a motor vehicle crash occurs. A tired, distracted, or otherwise negligent driver can make a mistake that results in a collision. Armored trucks present additional dangers because:

  • Armored truck drivers may have significant blind spots. Drivers may be unable to see certain areas of the road around them. If they fail to account for these blind spots, serious crashes can result.
  • Armored trucks are much heavier than other vehicles because of the extra protection they provide. This extra weight can cause significant injuries if a crash occurs.

When an armored truck accident occurs, serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, internal injuries, and paralysis can result.

Who’s Responsible for an Armored Truck Crash?

The driver of the armored vehicle may have caused your crash, but that driver may not be the only one who is liable for your injuries. The company that employs the driver may also be responsible for the crash if:

The company negligently hired the driver.

Companies must do reasonable background checks and hire qualified drivers. If the driver was not appropriately trained and licensed to drive an armored truck, the company who hired the driver may be liable for injuries that result from the driver’s negligence.

The armored truck was not kept in safe working condition.

The company that owns the armored truck is responsible for making sure the truck is safe. That means that routine inspections and maintenance must be done to prevent mechanical problems, such as tire issues or bad brakes, from causing a crash.

The company did not have appropriate policies and procedures about driving safely.

Companies should have specific policies and procedures that ensure drivers are not rushing from location to location, have the opportunity for sufficient rest, and are never under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A full investigation will need to be done to determine why the accident happened and who is legally responsible for paying for the injuries that resulted from the crash.

Protect Your Fair Recovery After an Armored Truck Collision

An experienced truck accident lawyer can investigate the crash and protect your recovery by:

  • Requesting the right documentation
  • Talking to the right witnesses
  • Taking the time to understand your injuries fully
  • Negotiating with the right insurance companies
  • Making sure your rights are protected in court

At Gray and White Law, our attorneys and staff nurse have the necessary experience to investigate your accident, analyze your injuries, negotiate with the right parties, and protect all of your rights in court. 

Compensation You Deserve

Medical costs.

Healthcare expenses such as surgeries, hospitalizations, medications, doctors’ appointments, and physical therapy should be compensated.

Lost income.

Any money or benefits that you could not earn because of your accident injuries should be part of your recovery.

Physical pain and emotional suffering.

The physical pain and emotional suffering you experience because of your injuries should be valued and should be part of your recovery.

Other damages you incurred because of the accident.

Any other damages you can prove happened because of the armored truck accident should be part of your recovery.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident you need to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Louisville office directly at 888.450.4456 to schedule a free consultation. 

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