What All Drivers Need to Know About Semi-Truck Blind Spot Crashes

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Large trucks may be the most efficient way to move goods from Point A to Point B; however, their large size creates a serious risk for truckers and other motorists. The design of large trucks makes it difficult for truckers to see every area on the road around them and leaves them with significant blind spots.

While many vehicles have blind spots, the blind spots for drivers of large trucks are bigger than the blind spots for other drivers because their vehicles are significantly longer than other vehicles. Because of this, it is harder for truckers to make sure that there are no vehicles in their blind spots or no-zones before changing lanes or braking suddenly.

How To Prevent Semi-Truck Lane Change Accidents

Truck drivers, like other drivers, have to change lanes. Unfortunately, when truckers change lanes, they can’t easily see all of the vehicles that may be traveling alongside them. It is particularly difficult to see vehicles that may be traveling next to the rear quarter of the truck on both the left and right sides.

This danger does not mean that accidents are inevitable. Both truckers and trucking companies can take steps to prevent blind spot accidents. For example, trucking companies can:

Make sure that all truck drivers have appropriate training and know how to change lanes safely.

There are ways to avoid blind-spot crashes, and all truckers should be trained on safe strategies for changing lanes.

Hire qualified drivers.

Truckers with commercial drivers’ licenses who are medically fit for the work and who are otherwise qualified to drive large vehicles may be able to avoid blind spot accidents.

Prioritize safety over delivery speed.

Drivers should focus on driving safely and not on getting to their destinations faster.

Additionally, truckers can:

Stay focused and avoid distracted driving.

This includes not using a cell phone, not eating, and not changing music while driving, as well as avoiding all other distractions that take attention away from driving safely.

Drive calmly, safely, and at the speed limit.

Aggressive truckers who change lanes quickly and frequently or drivers who speed may have an even harder time accounting for vehicles in their blind spots and may be more likely to cause crashes.

Follow hours of service regulations and avoid drowsy driving.

Tired drivers can be sloppy drivers. A tired driver may forget to watch for vehicles in other lanes before changing lanes.

Always signal before changing lanes.

This alerts other drivers of the trucker’s intention to change lanes.

Always drive sober.

Like drowsy and distracted truckers, truckers who are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or even some prescription medications may fail to change lanes safely.

Truckers—like all drivers—must use reasonable care to avoid collisions. When a trucker fails to use reasonable care, and someone else is hurt as a result, the trucker may be negligent, and the injured person may be able to make a fair recovery.

Take Action If You’re Hurt in a Blind Spot Crash

If you are hurt in a truck wreck, it is up to you to take action to protect your rights. You can start at the accident scene by calling the police and by accepting medical help.

After the accident scene is cleared, you can continue protecting your rights by following up with all necessary medical care and by contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer who will:

Investigate the cause of your crash. 

Before you can make a recovery, you must identify the right defendants by finding out exactly why the accident happened.

Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies do not want to pay you for your injuries. However, an experienced lawyer knows how to negotiate with insurance adjusters successfully.

Make sure your case is filed in court before the deadline for filing expires.

The Kentucky statute of limitations limits the amount of time you have to file a truck accident case. An attorney can make sure your case is started before the statute of limitations expires.

Fight for your fair recovery of damages.

Damages may include compensation for past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other injuries and losses.

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