Move-in Day: How to Prevent Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Neglect Today—and in the Future

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For nursing home staff, the day that your parent moves in may be just another work day. They have residents come and go all the time. However, for your family, the day may be very emotional, and it may be a big deal. It may be the day when you are relinquishing the care of your beloved parent to the nursing home that you have chosen and entrusted with your parent’s care.

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition To A Kentucky Nursing Home

As your family prepares for the big day, you can do some things to help the transition be easier and safer for your parent. For example, you could:

Make sure the staff understands your parent’s medication regimen.

You don’t want any doses to be missed.

Make sure the staff understands your parent’s diet.

For example, if your parent is diabetic, then he or she may need to eat at certain times. If your parent has high blood pressure, then salt needs to be limited.

Stay and help your parent get settled.

This will give you a chance to meet the staff and to make sure that your parent’s immediate needs are met.

Make sure that your parent knows how to ask for help if he or she needs it.

You don’t want your parent doing something that he or she is unable to do safely. Make sure that your parent knows how to get the help that is needed so that unnecessary risks aren’t taken.

Make plans to come back soon.

The danger of mistakes being made in your parent’s care will not disappear after move-in day.

Remember, the nursing home staff may know about your parent from meetings or information that has been provided, but they don’t yet know your parent as an individual. Thus, it is important for you to provide specific individualized information about your parent.

Our Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers hope that everything will go smoothly for your parent and that there won’t be any problems.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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