TBI Patients: Know the Differences Between a Right and Left Brain Injury in KY

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After someone you love sustains a serious head injury, you will likely have a thousand questions running through your head. Will the damage cause permanent effects? Can these kinds of injuries cause early death? And if my loved one does recover, will he be the same person he was before the accident?


In order to understand the nature of your relative’s injury, it helps to know a little about the functional areas of the brain. Right and left brain injuries in KY can cause many different symptoms depending on where the trauma was located.


For example, the left side of the brain is the analytical side. It is where a person organizes and analyzes the information it receives through the senses, and is the center of fine details and logic. As a result, a left-brain injury may cause:


  • Problems communicating verbally
  • Difficulty processing or understanding spoken language
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty with tasks that involve numbers or sequential order
  • Depression, anxiety, or other behavioral changes
  • Difficulty controlling the right side of the body


In contrast, the right side of the brain controls the imagination and creative processes, and houses a person’s ability to perform conceptual thinking. Trauma to the right side of the brain may result in:


  • Problems with hand-eye coordination and spatial relation
  • Difficulty recognizing faces
  • Changes in the person’s perception of art or music
  • Inability to analyze complex problems or come up with creative solutions
  • Difficulty controlling the left side of the body


The important thing to remember about right and left brain injuries in KY is that they will take time and patience to heal. A patient may suffer symptoms from the trauma for the rest of his life, requiring behavioral therapy and rehabilitation to cope with the effects of his injury.


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