January 2017

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What Happens When Construction Goes Wrong

You have a lot at stake. You’ve hired an architect, builder, and contractor to work on your property. Whether the property is being built from the ground up or is undergoing renovations, you are putting a lot of money into it and you are eagerly…

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Protect Your Right to a Fair Business Buyout

It is time for things to change—that much you agree on. You or one of your business partners or shareholders needs to leave the business. How that will happen and what impact that will have on your business depends on the terms of your partnership…

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Are You Getting the Royalty Payments You Deserve From the Oil or Gas Company Working on Your Property?

The oil or gas that is below the surface of your land makes your property valuable. These natural resources are potential income for you as the property owner, but you lack the equipment and expertise to successfully extract the oil or gas yourself. Instead, you…

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When Cars and Trains Collide

It’s probably not something you think about every time you get behind the wheel, but it may be something that crosses your mind every time you come up to a train track. Could your car be hit by a train? Who would be liable? How…

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