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What You Need to Know About Novel Coronavirus Business Interruption Insurance Denials

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on countless businesses in Kentucky and across America. We have received numerous calls from business owners in Louisville as well as clients from Paducah to Pikeville. Many of these business owners were denied coverage of their business interruption policies after making…

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Has Your Trade Secret Been Violated?

There is certain information that your business would like to keep secret. Perhaps you have a process for doing things, a formula, a program, or data that is valuable to your business. Other people don’t know about these secrets, they can’t be easily (or legally)…

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How to Protect Your Business When an Insurance Company Acts in Bad Faith

As a business owner, you know to expect the unexpected. You spend a lot of time for preparing for what can go wrong so that your business isn’t ruined when the unexpected occurs. One of the things that you’ve done to prepare your business is…

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Not All Business Contracts Are Breached in the Same Way

You couldn’t do business without entering into binding legal contracts. You need assurance from other parties that they will pay for the services or goods that you provide or that they will provide the services or good that you pay them to provide to you….

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Are You Getting the Royalty Payments You Deserve From the Oil or Gas Company Working on Your Property?

The oil or gas that is below the surface of your land makes your property valuable. These natural resources are potential income for you as the property owner, but you lack the equipment and expertise to successfully extract the oil or gas yourself. Instead, you…

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Have You Been the Victim of Accounting Malpractice?

You depend on your accountant. Whether you use that accountant for your business or personal finances, you expect that your accountant will do his job with reasonable care and according to the rules of professional conduct set forth by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the…

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