December 2021

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Cerebral Palsy Glossary: Our Louisville Birth Injury Lawyer Shares Terms You Need to Know

Parents of children with cerebral palsy have a lot to learn about their child’s condition and care. Our experienced Louisville birth injury lawyer wants to make things as easy as possible for you as you do everything you can to protect your child’s future. Accordingly, we’ve…

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The Danger of Wandering & Elopement Injuries in Kentucky Nursing Homes

Wandering & elopement injuries are dangerous issues for nursing home residents. If you love someone in a nursing home, we encourage you to learn more about these issues, how to prevent injuries, and how our Louisville personal injury lawyers can help if nursing home neglect causes…

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What Could Happen When You Suffer Hospital Bed Falls and How Our Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

You thought you were going to be safe once you got in the hospital bed. Unfortunately, hospital bed falls can leave you in more pain and with more medical problems than you had before you were admitted to the hospital. Now, you need to know…

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