How Can Someone Abuse an Elderly Person in a Kentucky Nursing Home?

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I hear—too often—about elderly folk in Kentucky nursing homes being beaten, thrown around like rag dolls, left to lie in their own waste. I’ve seen YouTube videos that reveal unbearably clearly a nursing home employee rough-handling, humiliating, or cursing at someone’s mother or father.

What is wrong with these caregivers?

I’m going to sit in my hypothetical chair with my hypothetical pen and pad of paper, and I will listen to these individuals—who are hypothetically lying on my couch, of course.

“Tell Me How You’re Feeling”

If I were to ask the abusive caregivers this question, here is how they might respond:

  • “The nursing home won’t hire enough caregivers. I do the work of three people! How do you think I feel?! I’m exhausted!”
  • “I am so upset. My supervisor wouldn’t let me take off early to go to my daughter’s recital because there’s no one to fill in for me. Now my daughter is going to be disappointed.”
  • “That man keeps wandering off where he shouldn’t go, and the boss says it’s my fault if he gets hurt! I’m frustrated!”
  • “She’s hard to take care of. Nothing I do for her is right, and she complains to my supervisor. I’m exasperated!”
  • “We need more staff. I worked 65 hours last week. One day I worked back-to-back shifts. I’m whipped!”

I can listen to them, and I can sympathize with them, but their problems still can’t justify what they put these frail elderly people through. What do you think?

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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