Olympic Athlete Suffers Spinal Cord Injury in ATV Accident—Could it Happen to You?

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Amy Van Dyken Rouen is a six-time gold medalist in Olympic swimming. Now, she is also the survivor of a serious ATV accident that left her with a severed spinal cord. The accident occurred in the parking lot of an Arizona restaurant on Friday June 6, 2014. According to the Boston Globe, Ms. Rouen hit a curb in the restaurant parking lot which caused her to fall five to seven feet. The fall allegedly severed her spinal cord at the T11 vertebrae.

Amy Is Not Alone

Serious ATV accidents have also happened closer to home. Some of these accidents include:

  • A May 2014 ATV accident in Harrison County, Indiana. In this accident a teenage passenger on an ATV reportedly died when the ATV hit a tree, flipped over, and then hit another tree. The driver was also hurt.
  • A May 2014 ATV accident in New Albany, Indiana. Investigators report that an ATV driver went over a concrete embankment in a driveway on Monty Drive. He was killed in the crash.
  • A May 2014 ATV Accident in Washington County, Indiana. This crash reportedly occurred in a field on Ramsey Lane. The ATV driver allegedly flipped over an embankment while crossing a field and injured his head and ankle.
  • A May 2014 ATV accident in Harrison County, Indiana. This accident occurred on Stuckey Road outside of Elizabeth. The driver of an off-road motorcycle reportedly lost control, flipped over, and suffered head trauma.
  • A Pleasureville, Kentucky ATV Accident. A 19-year-old ATV driver from Henry County reportedly died after he lost control and crashed into a tree. His 13-year-old passenger was taken to Jewish Hospital in Shelbyville for treatment.

Other accidents have also occurred. In 2012—the most recent year for which complete statistics are available—14 people died in ATV accidents on Kentucky highways and others may have been hurt or killed on other roads.

You Don’t Have to Be Alone After an All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

If you have been hurt in a Kentucky ATV accident then you deserve to have a proper investigation into the cause of your crash and you deserve to make a fair recovery. Please start an online chat with us now to learn more about your rights.