Bedsores, Sepsis, & Death: Nursing Home Neglect at Its Worst

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This was a horrible case of some of the worst nursing home neglect we had ever witnessed. Our client suffered a severe Stage IV sacral bedsore, which became septic and caused his death. The Kentucky Department of Health and Human Services investigated the nursing home’s care and cited the facility for numerous deficiencies. Despite these citations, the nursing home initially denied liability for our client’s suffering and death.

Through our investigation, our team of nursing home care experts found that nursing staff failed to document that they followed the care plan for our client, which required weekly skin assessments due to his risk for developing pressure sores (bedsores). They also discovered that by the time our client did receive any treatment, it was too late: he had already developed a Stage IV wound. Shockingly, the nursing home failed to provide wound care on three more occasions after documenting this massive wound.

Nursing Home Facility Assessment and Care Plan

  • The minimum data set on admission for our client revealed that he was admitted to the nursing home with no wounds.
  • The pressure ulcer risk assessment indicated that our client remained at high risk for pressure ulcers throughout his stay.
  • The care plan required a skin assessment to be conducted by a licensed nurse on a daily basis. This was not done.

Our Client’s Condition Went From Bad to Worse

Finally, near his death, our client was transferred to Norton Audubon Hospital, where he received treatment, but it was now too late to save his life. Despite the emergency care he received at the hospital, the neglect from the nursing home was too much. Our client was diagnosed with osteomyelitis and sepsis syndrome. He had a fever of 104 degrees and a white blood cell count over 20,000. It was noted in the medical record that he presented to the hospital emergency room with “severely infected decubitus ulcer with a foul smelling odor.” Hosparus was ordered to provide comfort measures as his condition was too critical to reverse. Our client succumbed to the sepsis caused by the untreated bedsore at the nursing home and passed away.

Louisville Native Suffered Violations Under the Kentucky Resident Rights Statute

Our client was a Louisville native and graduate of Fairdale High School. He had served our country in the United States Navy and later worked at GE and as a railroad conductor for Norfolk-Southern Railroad. His death was both tragic and avoidable. As a result of the abuse he received in the nursing home, he suffered violations of his rights afforded under the Kentucky Resident Rights statute.

With the help of our team of nursing home care experts, our Louisville-based legal team was able to present strong evidence of the lack of care and horrific injuries leading to our client’s untimely death. The case resolved shortly after presentation of this evidence.

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