Kentucky Clients Recover After Catastrophic Truck Wreck

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The series of events that led to our client’s injuries began when an 18-wheel truck got stuck in traffic while traveling northbound on I-65. I-65 was closed and the trucker got off the first available exit instead of waiting for the road to reopen and the traffic to clear. He reportedly wanted to avoid waiting because he was running behind schedule.

What Happened Once the Truck Was on the State Road

Upon exiting the highway, the trucker found himself on a narrow two-lane state road with a wide load that didn’t fit on the roadway. Despite this wide load, the trucker proceeded on to the state road and exceeded the speed limit. He came into a blind curve too fast, crossed the center line, and clipped our clients’ car on the driver’s side. This caused our clients’ vehicle to rotate counter-clockwise, to cross over into the oncoming lane of traffic, and then to advance to the shoulder that had no guardrail where it impacted a rock outcropping.

The driver of the car was killed and the passenger was severely injured with multiple fractures and permanent scarring. Emergency responders had to work for over an hour to free the passenger from the wreckage.

This Wasn’t the Trucker’s First Mistake

The truck operator had a history of speeding citations. He had been fired by two trucking companies in the past 10 years, and he had received the minimum score on his evaluation from the company he was driving for at the time of this crash.

How We Helped Our Client Recover

This was a particularly difficult accident reconstruction due to the distance covered post-impact, the remarkably little damage to the truck, and the total devastation to the car. There were no eyewitnesses other than the truck driver and the passenger who didn’t recall anything prior to impact. Our experienced legal team used a biomechanical engineer and an accident reconstructionist to recreate the accident. They were able to demonstrate both impacts (the truck hitting the car and the car hitting the rocks) and the resulting rotation.

We were able to resolve the case before trial for an amount that will pay for past and future medical bills for the injured passenger as well as compensate the passenger for a lifetime of pain. We were also successful in recovering enough for the deceased driver to provide for his family financially, although their loss is so much greater.

We see devastating truck crashes like this all too often. If you have been hurt or a loved one has been killed in a Kentucky truck accident, then we encourage you to learn more about your rights by reading our articles about “The Steps to Take After a Truck Accident” and the “Types of Compensation Available After a Fatal Kentucky Truck Accident.”