Delayed Hospital & ER Treatment

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Can I be turned away from an emergency room because I can’t pay?

You need immediate health care to save your life or to prevent you from suffering unnecessary pain and medical complications, but you don’t have health insurance. You worry that you will get to the emergency room and be turned away, resulting in a dangerous delay…

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How long is too long to wait for medical attention in an emergency room?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a precise time when an emergency room wait crosses the line from frustrating to negligent. An hour wait, for example, for two patients at the same emergency room could be frustrating for both patients, but is not necessarily emergency room…

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I waited a long time at the ER for medical treatment. Will you take my case?

You went to the emergency room because you were in pain or worried about an immediate medical concern. Therefore, any wait—particularly a long one—is frustrating. However, not every long wait in an emergency department is considered medical negligence. We Will Take Your Case If You…

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Do I sue the hospital or the individual provider for my ER delay injury?

If you’ve suffered harm due to a delay in treatment, you may be able to seek compensation by filing a Kentucky medical malpractice claim. The first step in this process is determining who is liable for your damages. In a malpractice claim, the defendant is…

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