I was seen quickly when I got to the emergency room, but then I waited forever for treatment. Do I have a claim against the ER?

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sign in a hospital emergency roomIf you suffered an injury that would not have occurred but for the emergency room’s negligence, you could have a claim against the ER or hospital.

Emergency rooms have a duty to triage, diagnose, and treat patients promptly. If you were not treated within a reasonable amount of time given all of the circumstances, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. Relevant circumstances include—but are not limited to—your diagnosis, the needs of the other patients, and the number of nurses and doctors on duty.

Why Was Your Treatment Delayed?

Before our attorneys can assess whether you may have a claim against the emergency room, we need to find out what caused your injuries. We will gather evidence to determine if:

  • Emergency room procedures contributed to the delay in treatment
  • The emergency room was understaffed
  • The emergency room staff did not have sufficient training
  • The emergency room staff was negligent and forgot you were waiting
  • The emergency room staff failed to communicate with one another, which led to your long wait

Sometimes treatment delays are inevitable. However, when a treatment delay occurs because ER staff failed to use reasonable care and you are hurt, you could have a legal claim.

Delay-in-Treatment Injury Recoveries

Delayed treatment can allow your condition to progress, and you may suffer irreversible injuries and significant pain. Your life may be at risk if you aren’t treated quickly.

If you are hurt or your loved one is killed, it is important to talk to an experienced lawyer about your rights. You may be able to sue the ER or hospital for your past and future healthcare costs, pain, suffering, lost income, and out-of-pocket costs.

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