I left my baby daughter with a new babysitter this past weekend. The babysitter said that my daughter “wouldn’t stop crying,” and now my baby seems to be eating less. Is there a chance she could have suffered a baby shaking injury?

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It’s possible. While the most traumatic side effects of shaken baby syndrome, such as seizures, unconsciousness or shock, are readily noticeable, many symptoms are subtle and may be easily mistaken for other infant ailments.


Shaken baby syndrome—sometimes called abusive head trauma—can have irreversible effects on a child, and the duration, force, and incidences of shaking will all affect the baby’s likelihood of recovery. If you believe your child has been improperly handled, you should check your baby for the following symptoms:


  • increased sleeping or lethargy
  • irritability or excessive crying
  • unexplained vomiting
  • trouble swallowing, eating or nursing
  • sudden lack of appetite
  • lack of laughing or smiling
  • decreased vocalizing
  • rigid arm and leg movements
  • breathing problems or wheezing
  • sudden loss of consciousness
  • unequal pupil size
  • problems lifting or turning the head
  • difficulty focusing on objects or tracking movements with her eyes


Abusive head trauma often causes a total brain injury, since most of a person’s ability to receive information and gauge responses happens in childhood. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how severely your child has been affected until she begins to develop. Children with AHT are especially likely to have altered language, vision, balance, and motor skills, since all of these begin to develop in the first three years of life.


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