What are the dangers of phoned in prescription orders and how might they lead to a case of medication error in Kentucky?

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While it might be easier to have a prescription phoned in, there are potential dangers to this which could lead to a case of medication error in Kentucky. If you have been injured because of a mistake with your medicine that you believe is related to a doctor or pharmacy mistake, a Louisville medication error attorney can help you determine whether your case merits taking legal action.

For convenience, many prescription orders can be phoned or faxed in. Some offices are even able to send a prescription in through the Internet. The danger in a prescription being phoned in comes with mishearing or misinterpreting the order.

Some pharmacies even have a voicemail system where doctors are able to leave a message concerning the new prescription. This is another danger, since it can be difficult to understand. Pharmacists may take their best guess or think they heard one thing when it was really another.

Using this type of system, it isn’t possible to verify the prescription so the risk of becoming the victim of a medication error in Kentucky only increases.

This becomes especially true when so many drugs have similar sounding names. It can be easy to confuse drugs that sound alike. If the error isn’t caught before packaging and labeling, you could be at risk of becoming seriously ill or injured.

Additionally, it may not always be the doctor who phones in the prescription. They may have enlisted the help of someone who isn’t familiar with your health history, which only increases the chance of a mistake.

To protect yourself, you should ask for an alternative means of having your prescription filled if the doctor’s office plans to phone it in. There is no point in putting yourself at risk of a medication error.

A Louisville medication error attorney can help you with your case if you have been injured due to a mistake with your prescription.

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