My baby was just diagnosed with a birth injury. Should I trust what the doctor is saying about my child’s future and quality of life?

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baby being examined by a doctorWithout knowing your child’s specific diagnosis and prognosis and without hearing what the doctor told you about your child’s future and quality of life, we can’t tell you for sure whether you should trust what the doctor is telling you.

That said, we can tell you that you deserve to have reliable information about your child’s future and quality of life and we can tell you how to make sure you get it.

Talk to Lots of People About Your Child’s Future After a Birth Injury

While your child’s primary care doctor is an important, and often reliable, source of information, it is important that you talk to many different people who may help you understand what your child’s future holds. These people may include:

  • Other doctors and specialists
  • Life care planners and other experts
  • Parents of older children or adults who suffered similar birth injuries

Your baby is an individual who will grow up to be his own person. Just like with any baby, it is impossible to know all that the future holds for a baby born with a birth injury.

Prepare for the Future After a Birth Injury

While you can’t know exactly what the future holds for your child, you can use the information you gather from doctors, experts, and other parents as a guideline for what to expect. This information will be useful in planning your child’s future and in figuring out the appropriate amount of damages in a birth injury lawsuit now.

You only have one chance to seek damages for your child’s birth injury. Therefore, it is important that the damages you seek take into account your child’s future damages, including things like future medical care, future lost income, future pain, and future suffering, to the extent possible. 

Has Your Family Been Impacted By A Birth Injury?

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