April 2017

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How Kentucky Car Crash Cases Start, How They End, and What Happens in the Middle

Final numbers for 2016 are not yet available, but in 2015 more than 161,000 traffic collisions were reported in Kentucky. Approximately two-thirds of these crashes involved collisions between two or more moving vehicles. If you were hurt in this type of accident—or in any crash…

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Seven Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Car Crash Recovery

The Commonwealth of Kentucky estimates that the total cost of 2015 Kentucky traffic collisions was between $2.5 billion and $17.7 billion. The lower number—$2.5 billion—includes economic costs only, while the larger number—$17.7 billion—includes the lost quality of life caused by injuries and fatalities. Your own…

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Answers to Your Important Questions About Car Seats

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), proper restraints are effective in preventing car crash fatalities and injuries in the following ways: Car seats reduce the risk of death to infants under the age of one by 71%. Car seats reduce the…

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How to Help Your Child After a Kentucky Car Crash

In 2015, 37 children aged 14 and younger lost their lives in Kentucky accidents. This included 10 children under the age of four. Additionally, 13 children aged four and younger were hurt and another 14 suffered potential injuries in Kentucky crashes. Injuries were also reported…

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How long does a personal injury case take in Kentucky?

In 2016, it took an average of 13.23 months from the time a civil lawsuit was filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court to the time the lawsuit was resolved. However, this statistic only accounts for the time once a lawsuit is filed and does not…

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I was in an accident with a government vehicle in Kentucky. Can I recover damages?

Yes, you may be able to recover damages if you are injured because of the negligent actions of a driver in government vehicle. However, the rules for pursuing damages are different than they are in a personal injury case involving private vehicles. For example: Your…

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