Gray and White Prevents Insurance Company From Taking Advantage of Car Crash Victim With a Concussion

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An older gentleman contacted our law firm after being involved in a low-impact rear-end car accident. During the crash, he hit his head on the driver’s side door. EMS examined him at the scene of the accident, but that was the only medical treatment he received in the couple of weeks between being in the car wreck and contacting Gray and White Law.

During this time, the other driver’s insurance company was hard at work. It took less than two weeks for the insurance company to prepare a settlement release and issue a small check to this older gentleman to resolve all claims related to the crash. Fortunately, when he received the settlement agreement, he was confused by some of the terms and contacted our Louisville law firm.

Our staff nurse attended our meeting with this gentleman. She asked him how he had been feeling. He told her that was having a little difficulty sleeping and had suffered a few mild headaches since the wreck. He also explained that he mentioned these symptoms to the insurance company’s agent and the agent told him that what he was feeling was normal and would get better within a few more weeks.

Medical Diagnosis: Concussion

We became concerned about this gentleman’s well-being, and we advised him to see his primary care doctor before signing the settlement papers or cashing the insurance company’s check.

Advising our client to get medical attention was the right decision for his physical health and his financial recovery. His doctor examined him, sent him for an MRI, and diagnosed him with a concussion.

The Insurance Company Could No Longer Take Advantage of Him

Once our client was diagnosed with a concussion, we contacted the insurance company’s agent and told him that our client would not accept the proposed settlement.

At first, the insurance agent was irate. However, he quickly calmed down when we informed him that if the insurance company moved to enforce what was clearly a settlement designed to take advantage of our client, we would pursue damages against them under Kentucky’s Unfair Settlement Practices Act.

After months of medical treatment, our client was cleared by his physician, and we contacted the insurance company again. We settled this gentleman’s claims for the full amount of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.

Talk to a Doctor and a Kentucky Brain Injury Lawyer Before Settling Your Claim

It is important to get medical care after any car wreck—even a seemingly minor crash. A low-impact accident can result in a concussion, as it did for our client.

Additionally, insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your accident claim even if the at-fault driver caused your head injury. The right attorney can help you deal with the overly aggressive tactics insurance companies use to minimize valid recoveries.

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