Louisville Nursing Home Neglect Costs Man His Leg

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Our client went to a Louisville nursing home after hip replacement surgery for what was expected to be a three to six week convalescent stay before he returned to his home. Unfortunately, what was expected to be an uneventful stay while he recuperated was not what happened.

Instead, during his first week at the Louisville nursing home he developed a urinary tract infection (UTI) and skin breakdown on the leg near the surgical site. A notation of it was made in his nursing home chart, but no other action was taken. A second notation was then made that the area of skin breakdown was larger than last checked. A doctor did not examine the patient after the first or second notations were made by nursing home staff.

By the time the patient was checked again, the area was foul smelling. Gangrene had developed, resulting in the patient losing his leg.

The nursing home where the patient was recuperating was understaffed. There was one registered nurse for the facility and one medical doctor who split his time between two facilities. Two of the three staff assigned to our client had only been there for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. We often represent clients who were injured in preventable nursing home accidents because unqualified or improperly trained staff were negligent. 

In this case we were able to overcome a common obstacle in Kentucky nursing home cases. Specifically, quick staff turnover in nursing home facilities which can make locating the staff who cared for a patient difficult. We were vigilant and found the staff members who cared for this patient and we successfully advocated for our client’s recovery of the insurance policy limits for his injury.

If you, or a loved one, are in a similar situation then the following articles may be helpful to you as you decide what to do next: “Understaffed Nursing Home Neglect Is Common in Louisville” and “Resident Rights Against Kentucky Nursing Home Neglect”. You can also download a free copy of our book, Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse: What Families Need to Know to Help Their Loved One.

We feel strongly that patients who enter nursing homes deserve to be properly cared for and do not deserve to be victims of negligence or abuse. 

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