Car Accidents

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Lung Injuries to Watch for After a Car Wreck

The trauma of a car crash can cause serious injuries to your lungs and may be an immediate medical emergency. Because strong, healthy lungs are vital for survival, a damaged lung may impact your life for a long time to come. Symptoms of a Car…

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Rupturing Your Spleen in a Car Accident Can Have Life-Threatening Consequences

Before your accident, you likely gave very little thought to your spleen. This internal organ operated as it should from its spot behind your left rib cage.  It helped to keep your blood clean and protect you from certain types of infections. That all changed,…

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The Risk of Compartment Syndrome After a Kentucky Car Accident

There are many types of injuries that can result from car crashes. You may have anticipated a broken bone, whiplash, or even a head injury, but you may not have known about compartment syndrome until it happened to you. What Is Compartment Syndrome? A compartment…

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Caused by Car Crashes

Complex regional pain syndrome is a complicated, chronic, and painful condition that can develop after an injury. It can significantly impact your quality of life and your daily activities. Therefore, if a doctor mentions complex regional pain syndrome to you after a car crash, it…

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When You Suffer Broken Ribs in a Louisville Car Crash, an Experienced Attorney Can Help With Your Recovery

After suffering broken ribs in a car crash, you are experiencing severe pain, significant financial costs, and serious emotional trauma. It is important for you to understand how the accident happened so you can determine who may be legally responsible for your injuries, what your…

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Liver Injuries Can Be Serious Consequences of Car Crashes

The liver is in charge of over five hundred tasks to keep your body running properly. This important organ acts as a filter in the body and gets rid of dangerous toxins, helps maintain blood sugar levels, helps with blood clotting, and performs other vitally important functions….

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