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Our Louisville Hip Replacement Lawyers Help Those Experiencing Complications After Receiving Defective Hip Replacement Implants

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that every year, there are more than 330,000 total hip replacement procedures that occur in the United States. These hip replacements—whether total or partial, single or double—are designed to eliminate intense joint pain, increase patient mobility, and reduce the effects of arthritis or other bone injuries like osteonecrosis.

Over the last decade, tens of thousands of reports have surfaced nationwide. These complaints recount debilitating complications that have left hip replacement recipients suffering physical, psychological, and financial side effects. The effects are often worse than the initial pain and suffering that led to the replacement surgery. The facts show that Kentucky orthopedic surgeons have used hip replacement products from several of the nation’s leading manufacturers. Some of these companies have spent the last several years fighting costly legal battles against thousands of patients who have suffered immensely because of dangerously defective hip replacement products.

Why Choose Gray & White for Your Hip Replacement

At Gray & White, we have had a history of success, working through the complicated details of defective hip replacement cases throughout Kentucky. Our team of attorneys has helped numerous Kentucky victims receive multi-million dollar settlements for their medical-related injuries, and may be able to help you receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to. Get answers to your defective hip replacement surgery questions by calling our Louisville law offices at 888.450.4456.

Five Leading Hip Replacement Manufacturers Put Your Health at Risk

These companies produce metal-on-metal hip replacement parts intended to provide ease of pain, restore mobility, and help injured patients return to a life of independence and activity. Unfortunately, too many victims have suffered tremendous pain, extended hospital stays, and oftentimes debilitating complications from these “life-saving” replacement surgeries. The failures of these various types of hip replacement products result from the breakdown of the metal-on-metal components. The resulting effects can have damaging outcomes that can last a lifetime for hip replacement recipients.

Medical Complications From Defective Hip Replacement Products

  • Multiple corrective or revision surgeries
  • Fractured femurs or other broken bones at the site of the hip replacement
  • Blood toxicity (poisoning) from metal debris or metallosis
  • Hip dislocation or hip loosening
  • Muscle or tissue necrosis (death) from insufficient blood flow to affected area
  • Extensive rehabilitation and therapy
  • Continual limping
  • Inability to walk extended distances
  • Extreme pain while sitting or climbing

These complications can cause patients to experience extended recovery times, lengthy periods of lost work and wages, and daily pain that can lead to permanent disability.

Gray & White: Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers on Your Side

At Gray & White, we know that every defective hip replacement case in Kentucky is unique. We also understand that serious personal injury cases demand serious lawyers. Every year, our firm takes on some of the most difficult, complex cases that other firms often turn down. Call 888.450.4456 or 502.210.8942, or email our Louisville law offices today to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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