If you’ve been to a busy pharmacy at rush hour, you know it can be an incredibly hectic environment. The number of yearly prescriptions is constantly on the rise, while the number of pharmacists is declining. Not only does this place more pressure on pharmacists, but the stress of working full-tilt in a busy environment may actually increase the odds of a prescription drug mistake in Louisville.

Work pressure may have severe adverse effects on a person’s cognitive abilities. Here are just a few ways stress can contribute to medication errors:

  • Processing. While stress may slightly increase the rate at which a brain processes information, it can diminish the overall information retention, making it likelier that some things will be forgotten.
  • Distraction. Focusing on a stressful event will divert a person’s attention from the work in front of them.
  • Shortcuts. Overworked staff may cut corners to speed up their orders, such as failing to ask patients if they have questions or not double-checking patient information.
  • Safety failures. Although staff may be trained in the correct way of filling prescriptions, they may revert to autopilot, doing things quickly instead of “by the book.”
  • Reduced counseling time. When a pharmacist is overworked, he may not answer a patient’s questions completely in order to return to work. This makes patients more likely to suffer sound-alike errors or harmful drug interactions between two different prescriptions. 

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