When you file a Kentucky personal injury claim—whether it is against a private individual, business, or government entity—it is imperative that your medical records are free from errors and accurately describe your injuries. 

Ensuring that your records are correct can be difficult, especially when you consider how little time you have with the doctor during your office visits, but it must be done to protect your claim.

When you see your doctor, you should request access to your medical records and explain that you are filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your medical expenses. If you notice that information is missing or that the doctor is discounting the amount of pain you are experiencing, you should send a letter to your doctor to correct his or her medical records.
You should also acquire the services of a Kentucky personal injury attorney to ensure that you meet deadlines and that you seek all compensation that you may be entitled to for your injuries.

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Good evidence is the key to a successful personal injury claim. Fortunately, a dedicated personal injury attorney in Louisville can work with your medical team to ensure that your documentation is correct. At Gray & White, we’re dedicated to helping personal injury victims--like you--recover compensation for your financial and emotional losses. To learn how we can help your claim, and to receive a free consultation, please call our law office today at 502-210-8942 or 888-450-4456.
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